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# Kourou - Command Line Interface (CLI)

A Command line interface is available for Kuzzle as a separate NPM package.

This CLI connects to the Kuzzle API and allows you to perform tasks like:

  • Manage API keys
  • Add secrets to the vault
  • Export and import collections
  • Execute raw query
  • ...

The old Kuzzle CLI has been deprecated but the package is still available on NPM:

# Installation

To install the CLI globally, you can use the following command: npm install -g kourou

# Connect and authenticate to Kuzzle API

Commands that need to send requests to the Kuzzle API can specify the Kuzzle server address and authentication informations.

By command line:

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  -h, --host=host                [default: localhost] Kuzzle server host
  -p, --port=port                [default: 7512] Kuzzle server port
  --username=username            [default: anonymous] Kuzzle user
  --password=password            Kuzzle user password
  --ssl                          [default: true for port 443] Use SSL to connect to Kuzzle

By environment variables:

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  KUZZLE_HOST                [default: localhost] Kuzzle server host
  KUZZLE_PORT                [default: 7512] Kuzzle server port
  KUZZLE_USERNAME            [default: anonymous] Kuzzle user
  KUZZLE_PASSWORD            Kuzzle user password
  KUZZLE_SSL                 Use SSL to connect to Kuzzle

# Available commands

Kourou is still in beta and breaking changes may occur until the 1.0.0 version is released.

See the complete documentation on Github: